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Clean easy to read charts with over 80 specialty indicators available. We show both an intraday and daily chart for every equity to help pinpoint exact entrance and exits.

Fair Value

Benjamin Graham taught Warren Buffet the secret to evaluating a stock’s value. After years of programming, and the help from the book Buffettology, we have finally been able to create the Fair Value of each stock in our database, tens of thousands of them. With a push of the button, you’ll be able to see what price is the correct price to buy into a stock.  

Automated Support/Resistance Lines

We’re making it easy for investors to see where support and resistance levels are. We automatically draw them on every chart for you.

Average Movements

What if you knew just how much a stock was expected to move, either up or down? Might that help you know just when to sell, after buying or when to get in after a pullback? We list every stocks average move to the upside and downside and how long it normally takes for that move.

Stock Scans

Want to scan for all stocks in the database that are better than the rest and are trading under their Fair Value? Our proprietary scan searches for every stock that is listed as a “Good Stock” and is undervalued. Think of it as a way to find every house in your neighborhood that is in perfect condition and can be bought for less than a short sale price. We have this scan and many more, but for stocks!


Covered Calls

Every Wednesday and Sunday our editors (professional traders) find covered call examples for you to trade with. We’ll even write them up with the reasons for the trade, when to enter and when to exit. We’ll find short term and long term trades here.


Covered calls are great for those who like stocks, but true option traders like their spreads. We’ll search for them, dissect them and then share them with you each week so that you can save time and move directly to the profits. Bullish, bearish and long term, we’ll trade them all.


Of course we still find equity trades for you as well. Some of the lowest risk trades with the best performing companies, both fundamentally and technically, can be found for traders in this section.

Investor Psychology

Our member’s favorite. Any good investor knows that the hardest thing to learn is the ability to control our thoughts and actions. Read up on why investors overtrade or are afraid to place trades or even stops. What is it that makes the difference between an average-to-good trader and a professional trader? What steps might you need to overcome to really make that change in your mind and the portfolio. Our trained psychologist will help you answer the questions.

Small Account Homework

Another favorite is the “Small Account Homework” article where we follow a trade from beginning to end while analyzing our options each week so that the newer trader can learn the correct way to invest.