Advanced Options Training with Live Trading

Advanced Options Training Using Spreads and Weekly Options

Dates: March 25th   through   May 27th, 2024

Please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page to confirm your registration if you have already paid and plan to attend. Participation is limited, so you will not be allowed to attend without prior approval.
  Per Couple                            Refresher Class $500.00           Please Use The Contact Us Link Above To Confirm Reservation
This class will be held online for 10 consecutive weeks with archived backups for immediate review

None needed. You take the live interactive class in your own home

Closest Hotel:
None needed

Event Times:
8:30 pm Eastern - 9:30pm Eastern Monday nights

Course Content:

This class will cover the more profitable style of spread trading, credit and debit, vertical and diagonal and all variations in between. We will demonstrate how to trade within your IRA and a regular margin account.

This training will cover both aggressive and conservative styles while teaching you the correct methods for picking the right type of spread for each stock in different market situations.

Since the only way to teach someone to be successful in spread trading is to show them what to do if the trade goes against them, we will be teaching how to repair bad spread trades in this class.

For those of you who like even more possibilities for your potential trade setups, we will also be covering Weekly option trading and how they can be used for quick trading opportunities or even for recurring diagonal spreads.

Of course we will also cover our very own 2 day SPX setup trade where we use weekly options to place a 2 day SPX expiration trade that can be used each and every week!

If you are looking for a cash flow type of training then this interactive training is one that you will want to focus on. Perfect for those looking to supplement their current income or help manage their retirement dollars.

We will be placing live trades during the 10 weeks of training, perhaps we'll even make enough profit on the live trades to cover the costs of the training?

Hope to see you there!

Mike Coval
CEO IncomeTrader
Fort Myers, FL 33919