A must for all investors

Your Incometrader Newsletter truly is a must for all investors. I have used it for a while now and start my trading off each week with your newsletter in hand. I am not even sure how I would proceed without it.

Jerry Delaney
Chicago, IL

Sometimes I disagree but...

Sometimes I disagree with one of your trading candidates or your weekly commentary but I can't put your newsletter down. In fact it seems that the stronger I disagree with a comment or pick the more often you are correct. I'm still learning but someday I hope to get it right.

Derrick Nelson
Marshall, MN

Why is this not taught in school?

I have 8 years of extended education past the high school level and have to ask myself why is this not taught in school. If you and your staff ever decide to open up a school I will be first in line to enroll my kids.

F. Tonner
Hartsville, TN

My retirement is now in sight

My retirement is now in sight. I was always a bit weary as to how and when I would retire but you and your writers have taught me that with the proper education and the right stocks I can retire when and how I was hoping for.

Arnold K. Ronaldo
San Francisco, CA

The Incometrader is number one

This week I canceled all my other stock market newsletters, even the free ones. The Incometrader is number one and the only one on my list.

Rodney Miller
Spokane, WA

Thanks, thanks and many more thanks

Thanks, thanks and many more thanks. You will never know how much I appreciate your publication.

Sandy Fredricks
New York, NY

Clean concise and simple

I found your newsletter over a year ago and have to tell you that it is especially nice to see a financial newsletter that is clean, concise and simple to read. I can say without any hesitation, your newsletter is perfect for any investor who is serious about making money.

Phoenix, AZ

I am still in awe at the information

I am still in awe at the information I receive each week from your newsletter. Now my friends come to me for investing advise.

Tom Reynolds
San Jose, CA

I'm finally making money

I have always considered myself an educated investor but never really made any sustainable profits. This last month I brought in over $10,000. It's almost unimaginable but I'm finally making money.

Kim Arnold
Dallas, TX

I can't get enough

I can't get enough of your newsletter. The Incometrader newsletter has become and addiction for both me and my husband.

Terri Meyers
Orlando, FL

Excellent information, keep it coming

With the help of your writers and their insights I am now taking control of my own portfolio. This is excellent information, keep it coming!

Tim Ferrell
Portland, OR