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100% of class trading profits are donated to charity!

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2 Day Online Training - June 29th & June 30th

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Learn how to analyze Stocks, Buy and Sell Stocks, write Covered Calls, read Charts and get an introduction into Options.

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The best way to learn is through active participation. You will not be required to trade during this course but you should follow along as much as you can.

About Us

About Us

Every business day in America more and more investors make the decision to switch from a passive investing role to a more hands on investing style. In doing so they also make the commitment to continue their financial education. This creates a need for accurate, timely information, which can be applied, to investing strategies increasing the profitability levels of a portfolio. Our Goal is to introduce to you a new world of information, ideas, strategies, stocks and options that you can use to become a successful investor. Our website was designed for the serious trader but our stock analysis and detailed trading picks can be followed by even those new to the markets.

A major feature of our website is our trading ideas section. We continue to outline new trading ideas including entrance, exit AND reversal points. We cover topics surrounding these picks and which trading strategy will be best used to profit from the stock. These may be Stock Splits, Earnings Plays, Technical Sector Rotations or even IRA Candidates. It gets even better, since we then donate 100% of our trading profits to charities.

The Bottom Line

From beginner to advanced, our intricate web of stock analysts and professional traders will help you in making the right choices for your account. At "Your success is Our success."

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